Fairview Youth represents those in the NEXT Generation in this city.

Our Goal: Fairview Youth exists to help families raise teenagers who love God, care for themselves, and serve others outlandishly.

Our Gameplan: to invite teenagers to take steps toward spiritual growth.


  • We’re about FAMILY.
  • God brings us together to practice love, respect and commitment to one another.

  • We’re about DIVERSITY.
  • Every person is unique, made by God and for God, and everyone is welcome.

  • We’re about GENEROSITY.
  • God loves to give and is very good at it. We should be, too.

  • We’re about PRAYER.
  • Prayer keeps God at the center of our activities and pursuits.

  • We’re about ACTION.
  • Justice and compassion are about doing, not just feeling.

  • We’re about HONESTY.
  • Speaking and living truthfully are the start of a God-honoring life.

  • We’re about DEVOTION.
  • Consistency and steadiness are marks of a mature Christ-follower.

  • We’re about CREATIVITY.
  • Art and imagination make us attentive to God’s beauty in our world.