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Fairview Christian School

Carl Christensen

Administrator — Fairview Christian School

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This year Fairview Church will have the privilege of launching for the 27th year the wonderful and exciting ministry called Fairview Christian School. This ministry was first dreamed of by a small group of people almost forty years ago; a dream that was planned for and prayed over for over ten years before the doors were first opened.

Through the years, we have ministered to countless children and families by providing not only quality education, but also by introducing many to Jesus for the first time. For, you must understand that while many of our families come already knowing the Lord and desiring to have their children educated in a loving, Christian environment, we have never made it a “requirement” that the families attend church or even profess to be Christian. Because we have opened our doors this way, we have been able to minister the love of Jesus many non-believing families.

As Fairview Christian School begins this year our theme Bible verse comes from John 15:5. It says “I am the vine, you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing.” Perhaps we would like to take this verse as a theme for our church this year as well. We could spend the year learning together what it means to remain, or abide, in Christ and in doing so, bear much fruit for the Kingdom.

Child Center

To learn more visit the Child Center website.

Fairview Child Centeris a ministry of the Fairview Church of God that has been serving this community for 15 years.

Our vision for the Child Center is to provide a much needed service to the people of Seattle regardless of their religious background and to show the love of Jesus through our caring words and actions.